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    1. mcilwain's Avatar
      mcilwain -
      Just a side note, It does not work.

      Error 0010. Routine failed. No steam account found.
    1. ZERO's Avatar
      ZERO -
      Sorry about that, I have updated the article to have a working program. I tested the new one and it works fine. It did not occur to me that they were actually breakable but I guess you can never count a valve update out for breaking stuff. I did though scan the first one for viruses b/c I am not going to put something up here that is not safe.
    1. Holokauzt's Avatar
      Holokauzt -
      Wrong box to message in my bad... delete this sumhow still learning my way around
    1. ZERO's Avatar
      ZERO -
      Just testing
    1. swifty!'s Avatar
      swifty! -
      Dint know that way!!
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