• Your STEAM ID is a unique number that identifies you Steam account. It is important to know your STEAM ID in order to take advantage of the many features IBIS Gaming offers such as the ability to order Admin or Reserved Slots, Stats Integration in your profile and even Steam Status Integration. Additionally knowing how to find yours and others STEAM ID can aid in reporting hackers, admin abusers and for assistance getting unbanned or unmuted.

    Method 1: In Game

    1. Once in CS:S click options and then select advanced from the first tab.
    2. Check off "Enable Developer Console (~)"
    3. Press OK then Apply and then OK again
    4. Select create server and press start
    5. Once you are in the game press the ~ button on your keyboard
      • A box with text will come up

    6. Enter the command status and press submit.
    7. You will get a result that looks like below:
      #  2 "ZERO " STEAM_0:1:2541872 00:39 14 0 active loopback
    8. STEAM_0:1:2541872 is my steam id. Note that the STEAM_ is part of it and that there are NO spaces. Save this ID or write it done. Now you can use it in the forums or other places around the internet!

    Method 2: From your Desktop
    A preview of the SteamBans - ID Finder
    This method involves running a program found below that will tell you your steam id. This program is called SteamBans - ID Finder and is from

    he SteamBans ID Finder is easy to use and contains some helpful options such as:

    • Display all STEAM_IDs of all STEAM accounts on the computer
    • Selective copy-to-clipboard function (copy 1, 2 or all of chosen STEAM_IDs to clipboard)
    • User friendly GUI

    Download SteamBans - ID Finder: SteamID_Finder.zip
    Note that it requires .NET framework to be installed and is thus windows only:
    http://www.microsoft.com/net/ (Can also be installed via windows update if you do not have it)

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