• Firefox 6 is scheduled to launch Tuesday August 16, 2011. However, users are able to manually install it from the files already available from the official firefox ftp server linked at the bottom of this report.

    Many of you may be wondering why this release comes so fast after Firefox 5. The answer is that a rapid release schedule has been adopted by the Firefox team leading to very quick releases to implement new features and patch bugs. While as always new versions will create issues with addon comparability it has been reported that nearly 95% of all current addons will work with the new version.

    This latest version of firefox brings a few key features which are listed below in the order most valuable to you:
    1. Faster Start Up Times
    2. Additional Website Permissions Controls
    3. Improved Plugin Management
    4. Various web enhancements including new HTML5 features
    5. Increased Performance on Linux

    FYI for those of you looking for these "Website Permission Controls" just type the code below in your url bar once you get Firefox 6 installed.

    Here are the links for the latest version of Firefox:

    I look forward to the improvements in this latest version but even more so I am really looking forward to the memory changes slated for Firefox 7, which is scheduled to launch on September 27, 2011. These memory improvements fix the long standing memory leak bug where Firefox would eat more memory over time until eventually crashing. In addition the memory enhancements in Firefox 7 reduce RAM usage between 30-50%.

    Be sure to hop onto the next page to leave your comments about this latest version of Firefox!
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