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    1. emTr0's Avatar
      emTr0 -
      It's never fun when a huge network you're a member of (which has your CC info) gets hacked. I wonder who's next...
    1. ZERO's Avatar
      ZERO -
      I still think it was likely some sort of VB exploit they used as valve is running a very old version. Perhaps this is also a good example of the benefits of services like cloudflare whos premium service can catch and stop sql injections. However, there is always a way in so it is not as though this could have been totally avoided. I am just glad to see Valve give it to us strait verses the bs that Sony pulled.
    1. Jiggy's Avatar
      Jiggy -
      i know when some one sql injections they go to jail
    1. CHEWBAKA's Avatar
      CHEWBAKA -
      damn thats sketchy shit ive had an account hacked before and it sucks balls no games and a bunch of wasted money...I hope no ones credit card info was hacked bcuz that ain't cool its one thing to take over the forums and fuck with everything but its another to steal peoples money. Lets just hope they stick to TF2 bciz i suck at that game ahaha
    1. jwtemp's Avatar
      jwtemp -
      Sweet Christmas Christ, why did you resurrect a post from 2011 with such a terrifying headline?!
    1. Carmichal's Avatar
      Carmichal -
      dont necro damn it
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