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    1. ZERO's Avatar
      ZERO -
      We figured the steam box was coming but who would have thought they even developed their own OS for it...
    1. jwtemp's Avatar
      jwtemp -
      I was surprised to see no specific details or announcements regarding the Steam Box. SteamOS is REALLY promising - if they can get the games to come out on that platform, I can FINALLY get rid of Windows at home. I definitely hope Valve throws their full weight and support behind it - but make no mistake, Microsoft is going to fight this move tooth and nail!
    1. Carmichal's Avatar
      Carmichal -
      Half three or bust!!!
    1. ZERO's Avatar
      ZERO -
      Still will always need windows to be able to watch videos at any decent quality. There is nothing that compares to madvr with mpc-hc on any os other than windows.
    1. kionay's Avatar
      kionay -
      With the recent Half-Life 3 hubbub I feel like we could see Source 2 information this year.

      Perhaps it's just wishfull thinking.
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