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08-25-2011, 05:25 PM
Upper level admin offers a way for existing admins to help support the community even more than they already do. There is a limited number of Upper Level Admins at any given time and the position is not permanent.

Upper level admins will receive additional admin rights including the ability to use admin powers on regular admins in order to ensure that the regular admins are following the rules. In addition upper level admins can perma ban and edit other admins bans on the sourcebans site. They like the clan members can make rulings on perma bans and on unbans. However, clan members and myself can override any decision made by these upper level admins.

To qualify for upper level admin you must meet all of the following requirements:

Must have been an admin for at least 9 months total.
Must have had admin for 3 consecutive months prior to applying.
Must currently have admin.
Can not have been on probation or had powers removed in any of the last 9 months.
Can not have any guilty verdicts of abuse of any kind in the last 3 months.
You can only apply if and when there is a slot available. If you do not get in you must reapply every time a new spot opens.

Applications will only be accepted when Upper Level Admin slots are available when there are no slots available all applications that were not accepted will be permanently closed and this section of the website will also be closed to new threads. Threads will be closed when a user is accepted or denied. You can only create a thread if you currently have admin. It is physically impossible to create a thread in this section if you do not currently have admin.

All applications must follow the proper format or will be rejected. See the thread on proper formatting.