View Full Version : Format for Upper Level Admin Apps

08-25-2011, 05:27 PM
Below are the requirements to apply for upper level admin:

Must have been an admin for at least 9 months total.
Must have had admin for 3 consecutive months prior to applying.
Must currently have admin.
Can not have been on probation or had powers removed in any of the last 9 months.
Can not have any guilty verdicts of abuse of any kind in the last 3 months.
You can only apply if and when there is a slot available. If you do not get in you must reapply every time a new spot opens.

When the process of selection for currently open slots is completed applications will be closed and must be resubmitted when a new spot opens.

All information within the application will be verified while I understand that some info is hard to get exact dates on it is important to note that any inaccurate information in your application will have it revoked. Note that for the "Link to your ban history" section you need to in the ban list select your name from the drop down admin list thus running the search (note that every user in the forums is listed in this drop down not users who have actually had admin) then copy the resulting url.

Title: (Your User Name) (Current Date)

In message section: (Copy and fill in data below each section)



How long have you played on IBIS Servers

How long have you had admin for

Link to your ban history

Link to all submitted ban threads you have made

Link to all bans and threads where a ban by you was overturned

Link to any abuse threads about you

Why did you order admin

Why do you want to be an upper level admin

Insert your responses where the -------- is. Do not place them inlise of the question only directly below. DO NOT USE ANY SPECIAL fonts or formatting on any part of your app.