View Full Version : Configuration madness

09-01-2012, 04:19 PM
Instead of just being able to set everything in server.cfg, autoexec.cfg and maps in mapcycle.txt like every other source game valve made you set it in 2 more locations for 4 files for server owners to edit. Now after we compiled a lot they have changed it again so that now we need to edit the following for cvars and maps.

gamemodes_server.txt <- maps and a link to the next cvar file goes here
customname.cfg <- cvars go here maybe but this might not do anything anymore...
--depending on which game mode you run edit one of these--
server.cfg <- more cvars go here
autoexec.cfg <- more cvars here
mapcycle.txt <- list maps here again and can not differ from gamemodes_server.txt or server will not let players join

Thanks valve your really giving us a hand here...