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    Quote Originally Posted by What
    Sounds like someone needs a night on the town with their young gentleman caller.
    jesus you're the most annoying person i've ever known. no wonder no woman wants to be with you and you have to live vicariously through our shit.
  2. What's Avatar
    Sounds like someone needs a night on the town with their young gentleman caller.
  3. What's Avatar
    So is Reese just your cosplay alter ego?

    poor poor, CPR, having to take all those inches......
  4. Sin's Avatar
    I just enjoy making her shut up and leave the server.
  5. Carmichal's Avatar
    does that mean you skull fucked her?
  6. Dj panda's Avatar
    Ive put her in her place and shut her up good you should be fine carm :P She knows im ruthless and wont hold back just because she is a girl :P
  7. Carmichal's Avatar
    He must be proud.
  8. StarsMine's Avatar
    Hardly would call her new, at all. She has played here off and on for a long while. Her dad has played here also.
  9. XX0wnsXY's Avatar
    hahahaha nice. I concur
  10. XX0wnsXY's Avatar
    as a is clear what is needed here. exorcism. we just need a preist.
  11. brett friggin favre's Avatar
    if you think you may be infected by a black male, ask your doctor about Nemesis: the racist purple pill.
  12. maynard's Avatar
    I hear nemesis is pretty good at driving black people out of places... consult with him.
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    well then
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    oh my gosh, all those emo kids just use their blogs to whine about stuff. Why do they conform to using blogs for whining?
  16. brett friggin favre's Avatar
    you're a fag, and you're whining about emo kids who like to wine, making you super emo. jk. emo fag.