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Gomer Pyle

  1. Pointless Entry, but hey. trying to stay active on the site.

    WHats the point in blog entries? i dont get them.

    anyways... i love IBIS.
    I mean i used play CS:S along time ago. when i finally got it back. i found IBIS, and have had a great time since.
    Tis why i made my donation.

    Only thing is... I can't figure out how to change my name on this website. I've changed my ingame name to "John McClane" and plan on keeping that. But maybe i can't, idk.

    Anyways... blah blah blah... more words... ...
  2. my candidate for ULA!

    I'm a new admin so my opinion may not be as important as others so you can take or leave it. But if I had to choose a ULA... It would be Dj Panda. He is a very helpful admin and a blast play with. When he rages we all have a good laugh. And in my opinion a fun and helpful admin is the best kind.

    If I posted this in the wrong place I'm sorry. I couldn't find the proper forums to post something like this under.