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  1. Been doin' just fine Z. I'm always on Steam you know. Happy New Years!
  2. Happy Birthday to you!
  3. Happy B-Day man, I hope you have been well.
  4. Happy B-Day!!!! Wanted to slip this in after graduation while I had the chance. See you in game or something later in the week
  5. Happy Birthday. I got a cake for you, but it might take some time to get it to you.
  6. Thanks Zero. Computer all set up and working again? That's good. I got my apartment, my car, and an apartment's worth of furniture that I'm moving up on the 24th. I'll be gone for about a week to set everything up, apply to the college up there, get job applications ready, etc. I'm going to have a great beginning.. Let's hope it ends just as well.. My apartment is literally bigger than my grandparent's first house.. All for 600 a month, with all new appliances and water/garbage included. Just gotta set up electricity and some high speed internet.
  7. HAPPY B-DAY, sorry for delay just got computer set up!
  8. "Just remove our moderator powers...It's obvious we are too immature to use them properly. I am dead serious. I think only you and Manbearpig should have them." Hey.. What about me? I haven't done a thing wrong with them..
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