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  1. hey so it looks like the NS2 server isn't allowing some people to connect to it, including myself.
  2. hey zero are you back from your vacation.......?
  3. hey zero this is just a reminder about removing scribble from upper level admin and re-opening the the apps....
  4. Please pm me your last payment info so I can investigate.
  5. hey zero my admin has aparently been discontinued? Even though I payed for it? could you pm me as to why my admin subscription isn't working.
  6. hey zero I don't know if you saw my post in the vip forums yet or not, but I meant by both
  7. hey zero dcould you re-activate my admin thanks
  8. Ok thanks Zero it works fine and i got the email
  9. I will be doing activations tomorrow so you should get an e-mail then when I am activating it
  10. Hi Zero, Ijust paid for admin and i was curious to know when i would get admin? please let me know as soon as possible

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