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brett friggin favre

there are peanuts on my desk

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now that i have my attention, i'd like to make a point. there comes a time in everyone's life when they find their mantra. that thing that drives them. i have reached that point. i'm telling every one of you, yes all 3 of you who will read this, to GO FUCKING NUTS. kinda. not really. but totally.

Embrace your inner madness.
you're a total nutcase. you make less sense than a baboon stapling his nutsack to a ceiling fan. i mean fuck, you're reading my blog. you're reading a blog. to the madhouse with ye! see ya there! now on to my point, you need to accept two facts in life: you will die, and you are never as sane as you think you are. we are all on the brink of absolute lunacy, and that's beautiful. think about it, you have a bad day, you wanna go all gta on someone, just steal a fighter jet and blow your boss/professor/parents/self into such tiny smithereens that when the scientists of the future find one element of their former being, it'll be the smallest bit of matter they've ever seen. some people actually do that. but the point is that we all have those thoughts, those desires, that itty bitty spark of madness that shows up at the oddest of times. we all hide them, to some extent. i mean sure every now and then we tell everyone on facebook just how badly we wanna kill someone, but you keep the details to yourself typically. that's ok, but just realize you're just one 2-letter word away from snapping. do. people say the conflicts we have in our lives describe us, some say it's the company we keep, i feel like it's that inner madman in all of us that really makes us who we are. without that, we're all robots. we all come to a fork in the road, calculate risks/rewards, and act upon it. but with madness, we can just go the other way with it, for no reason at all, go down the risky, non-rewarding path just because we can! madness is the essence of what makes us human: FREE CHOICE! so i beg of you all, do something crazy, something mad, today. and tomorrow. and the next day. let that madman out. embrace it. don't let him get away from you though, i'm not encouraging you to impale your middle school english teacher on a broomstick, i'm asking you to do something that people will see and just be like....whaaaa? did that just happen? we all walk along the wall of insanity every day, we see soft fluffy pillows on one side and humpty dumpty's cracked open ass frying on the sidewalk on the other side. lean over that other side every now and then, live a little. you're human, you're crazy, staple your nutsack to a ceiling fan because you have the ability to do have free've got madness.
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  1. Carmichal's Avatar
    feeling okay? lol
  2. brett friggin favre's Avatar
    better than ever!
  3. ZERO's Avatar
    I think that wall of text could be called a "wall of insanity" lol
  4. brett friggin favre's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO
    I think that wall of text could be called a "wall of insanity" lol
  5. Carmichal's Avatar
    Let's just say I take the whole cake on crazy ALL OF IT!! I'm like squirrels on speed.
  6. Carmichal's Avatar
    Holy fuck, I NEED TO COMPETE WITH ALL OF YOU ON EVERYTHING. I also understand what being really tired can do to your psyche.
  7. Polarbearjohn666's Avatar
    hello brett, ive recently heard that i was banned do to hacking.. i understand that you looked at the nuke video or whatever its called,, but in the video i dont know if it shows it, but mr. funnys mic was on lock and thats the way i could see him as a vaga.. if you actually checked how i was playing all the way around i wasnt using aim lock or whatever.. i like playing with ibis, its the first wc server i got on in CS. but if you wanna ban me ok. im honest but i guess thats hard to say in this day and age. at least right me back if your sticking to your decision.

    thanks -john