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Beware of Frenchy

Rating: 2 votes, 3.50 average.
There's a new dumb whore in gg, as if Toasties was not enough. It pretty much makes GG more of an annoyance than a fun game when every time you go in the server is losing their shit over some slut with a good looking self shot spray. Don't bother asking them to be quiet even in the nicest way possible. There are a stupid amount of men, i mean self loathing virgins, there to tell you to stfu.

If she doesn't learn her place soon well fuck it, ZM would be better than that shit. AND THAT'S COMING FROM ME.
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  1. XX0wnsXY's Avatar
    hahahaha nice. I concur
  2. StarsMine's Avatar
    Hardly would call her new, at all. She has played here off and on for a long while. Her dad has played here also.
  3. Carmichal's Avatar
    He must be proud.
  4. Dj panda's Avatar
    Ive put her in her place and shut her up good you should be fine carm :P She knows im ruthless and wont hold back just because she is a girl :P
  5. Carmichal's Avatar
    does that mean you skull fucked her?
  6. Sin's Avatar
    I just enjoy making her shut up and leave the server.