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brett friggin favre

IBIS is not a popularity contest.

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And don't let anyone fool you into thinking that it is. Those of us who have been here long enough have seen many a well-liked admin (or player) breaking rules and eventually pissing people off to speak up about it. We've also seen many a straight-laced admin (again, or player) be disliked for following protocol. The rules are in place for a reason, follow them. If you're coming in here concerned about being liked by everyone, you're only gonna disappoint yourself when you find out that's just not bloody possible. I know this from personal experience. You will make enemies. If you want to stick around, if you want to truly enjoy your time here, you won't make enemies of those who matter in the community.

I have personally taken flak, received death threats (none of which I take seriously...I'm BRETT GODDAMN FAVRE, ain't no internet bitch gonna kill me), and been badmouthed publicly in the servers behind my back for banning well-liked people who happen to be hackers. I don't think anyone with half a brain will argue that hackers should be banned here...and yet some people in the community take exception to me for doing just that. I have taken flak for changing the server off a shitty map (and yes, I always make sure I'm senior). I have taken made enemies by trolling, all in good fun. These things will happen, and you have to deal with that reality, and disconnect yourself from whether or not you're liked. Do your job, follow the rules, have fun within them wherever possible and you will definitely have some friends, but that CANNOT BE YOUR PRIMARY GOAL OR CONCERN here. Being friendly is fine, but how many friends you have is not a good barometer for what you're doing here or how much you're having with this GAME.

Be the best member of the community you can be if IBIS is something you believe in. Make contributions. You will have fun, I can guarantee you that. People come and go from this community, your main goal shouldn't be to please them, you don't wanna build a house on shaky ground. Over time, your name here is worth what you contribute, your attitude towards the situations you involve yourself in, and your general demeanor. It's not about whose dick you suck and who sucks your dick. Knowing you have people who like you, knowing you're someone's favorite or in someone's "<3" group doesn't mean jack shit. If you need those pats on the back, the internet is not the place to get them. This is the wild west motherfucker, you live and die by your guns. Are you shooting friendship marshmallows or are you slinging lead?
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  1. XX0wnsXY's Avatar
    most of all, be true to yourself!
  2. Carmichal's Avatar
    It's beautiful.....
  3. Gomer Pyle's Avatar
    Very well said
  4. What's Avatar
    Sounds like someone's a nerd!
  5. Carmichal's Avatar
    fyi i wouldnt mind someone shooting marshmallows at me. I used to get paid in marshmallows.
  6. What's Avatar
  7. i2o4's Avatar
    This is why you're an exemplary admin--always impartial and congenial, yet strict when necessary.