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This is my new motto. I have decided that I will make good use of thd blog section, since it is no longer owned by bots.

I am pretty sure i have broken my toe. I got really drunk last week and ended up sitting in spec in NS2 talking about anime, i think...then, i somehow got to bed. Then, i remember getting out of bed because I was sooo fucking thirsty. I started down the steps and my heel slipped, i fall on my back (total banana peel scenario), and slide the rest of the way down the steps. By the time i reached the bottom i was experiencing pain, shock, humiliation, and shortness of breath from hitting my back on the stairs (been a long ass time since i had the wind knocked outta me).

My only response at the time was to just lay there. I felt like i could die, it hurt so god damn bad. So, i laid there...for a while. finally, i rolled into a crawling position, crawled a bit, then stood.

Immediately, i noticed i had rugburn on my left elbow from the steps...ouch. That appears to be it though. I dont think i even got my fucking water., but i go back to bed and ultimately tell sin i just hit my elbow on the railing. When i woke up the next day my rugburn was terrible..obviously, i told sin i underwhelmed the story (LOL) and told him all of it, as he laughed hysterically.

I noticed my toe was hurting when i bent it, though. Upon taking my sock off. Noticed it was bruised, but not swollen. The pain was bearable and there is no deformity, just slightly annoying twinges of pain when i bend it. Also, it clicks now...weirdly, i can make my toe click.

So, thats about the worst thing ive physically done (accidentally,that is) while drunk. Guess ill be sleeping on the couch after drinking.
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  1. Carmichal's Avatar
    My toes clicks all the time. It's the legiments. was terrible at sneaking around because my toes would click.
    I would ice it on and off for 15 mins at a time. I wouldn't too worried if it was only bruised a little any broken bone results in massive amount of swelling and pain. if it dosent get better after a week go to a clinic or something because you prolly fucked up some them legiments. Sorry you hurt your toe.
  2. XX0wnsXY's Avatar not really worried. they dont do much for broken toes anyway l.
  3. brett friggin favre's Avatar
    you "fell" down the steps? sin hack your account and cover his ass?

    grow some ballz woman, shove his ass down those stairs!
  4. SCRIBBLE's Avatar
    ol' blue beef takes the cake with the unscheduled contests. Yeah I think the band starts at some point in the future trip to the apartment for anything today I am going to be done today I am going to be done today I am going to be done today I am going to be done today and I don't know what to do with Jim and maybe you can go to be sorry for the summer of code and the radio show case of the modular and my way back to the clinic and you are not letting us celebrate with the consequences of town I promise you that I can come by at least one of the curtainsyatta!