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brett friggin favre

i'm antisocial

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and some people need to just accept it. i don't like alcohol and i don't like what it does to people. i'm on vacation right now, and i was essentially forced to try some more alcohol, then forced to go out to a bar with some family members and friends. i heard shit i didn't wanna know, and the friend i brought started creeping on my little cousin. nothing about that is fun or funny to me. my family says it's good that i went because that's how i get friends...yeah by going to a bar with my family. everyone else had a great time, but i just absolutely hated it. it seems like these people think that by forcing me into social situations, i'll magically start enjoying it. shit don't work that way. and i'm fucking sick of them forcing it all upon me. i'm not a social being...and if people think that makes me weird or unapproachable, that's fine. i have no problems in conversation but outside of a 3 or 4 person group and when alcohol gets involved, i just don't care for it. nobody seems to understand that fact. i'm in a minority...but i'm ok with that, i just wish they could be too because nothing good comes from forcing me to do this shit. i'm fucking happy with my life, and i'm in a position to make a life for myself doing something i love. since when was that not enough?

not saying alcohol is required to be "social" but in many circumstances it is expected, and i was just explaining the catalyst for all this.
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  1. XX0wnsXY's Avatar
    tell them to shove their expecttions where the sun dont shine. if they are family then they have known you long enough. they will get over it.
  2. What's Avatar
    I can see where you are coming from. I know there are some people I know that don't hold their liquor well and act like completely different people, people I don't want to be around. At the same time though in a social situation with the right people who know their limit, fun can definitely be had. I can tell you this from experience though, you are in the minority and most people will want to go out somewhere where alcohol is served and while you do not have to drink or even go, it is something you are going to have deal with for a long time.

    Man, now i need a drink...where's that hand sanitizer...
  3. Carmichal's Avatar
    sorry =/
  4. brett friggin favre's Avatar
    What, I haven't met a single person yet that I enjoy being with when theyre drunk.
  5. What's Avatar
    Its not just Sober or Drunk, there is a wonderful middle ground were most people tend go and which is the ideal of the majority of social drinkers.
  6. Carmichal's Avatar
    not even me? I'ma great drunk D:!

    I still love you <3 even if you are awkward and antisocial. You aren't with me at least.
  7. What's Avatar
    Carm, punctuation makes all the difference in that last sentence.
  8. Carmichal's Avatar
    fuck the english language
  9. Rapedollar$'s Avatar
    the trick is to drink enough to let your inhibitions go and then you can tell them how you really feel about their bullshit.
  10. What's Avatar
    BTW your profile pic is sooooooooo perfect for this entry.
  11. What's Avatar
  12. CHEWBAKA's Avatar
    I used to drink and use everyday and i loved that feeling of being trashed but liquid courage to someone with 2 much courage lead me to do fucked up shit and blackout and start fights and yell and make an ass out of my i dont drink as much just when its something worth drinking(anything brown) and i dont try and get smashed i just try and get a buzz...why is it you dont like it the taste or the losing control. and ur family just wants u to be happy and they think ud be happy if u got fucked up and met a chick or made a new friend so dont get too resentful they just are doing what they think is best for you. and maybe you shouldnt drink but instead smoke weed...weed aint bad for ya and its a lot better than alcohal. just dont let weed turn into other drugs bcuz i made that mistake.
  13. Carmichal's Avatar
    he doesn't need to meet a chick
  14. What's Avatar
    Well, need is a strong word
  15. Carmichal's Avatar
    he doesn't need or want to meet a chick. If he did I'd dump his ass like yesterday's news. I love him for who is. A huge fucking nerds who lacks social skills, and isn't like anyone else. He makes me laugh, and he treats me more than right. Besides being a cheap fuck lol.
  16. What's Avatar
    I look forward to your upcoming episode of Jerry Springer, followed shortly thereafter by your Maury baby daddy special.
  17. CHEWBAKA's Avatar
    Carmichal do you know Brett in real life? or are you just an online friend. And everyone needs someone 2 hold dear to there heart...It may lead to hurt and many other awful things but to be able to experience it while its happening is indescribable and it makes you a happier and better person...and its always bros before hoes but a bro don't get you off...unless your into that sorta thing...i sure hope not.
  18. Carmichal's Avatar
    I know him in real life we have been dating 10 months... I'm also a woman.
  19. brett friggin favre's Avatar
  20. CHEWBAKA's Avatar
    Ohhh kay much better I assumed you were a women but thanks for clarifying. and congrats i hope you 2 are happy almost a year if ur mexican its almost time for a weeding ahahaaha jk but seriously thats how it least where i live. but wouldnt you 2 say u needed eachother. you said he doesnt need a girl but he has you and im sure he needs you as u need him. now he doesnt need a new girl obviously but he still needs one and your that one. i no when i was in a relationship I usually felt the need to protect and provide for. I need someone to take care of so i can feel important. Right now Im single so I protect my homies...(as i always have), but when i have a gf its like im a caged bull just lookin for a reason it gets me going knowing she feels safe and loved as long as shes with me. p.s. I stabbed a pedophile for the girl i was thinking of as i wrote this so she was really safe with me and i gave her free drugs all the time but it didnt work maybe i scared her away idk but she fucked up she had a man willing to kill for her and she threw it all away for some fat chick that thinks shes such hot shit. BIs for the win but dykes will fuck u over...fuck it im rambling sorry.
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