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Best wwii movie ever created!!!!!!!

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The movie is called "My Way". The story is a Korean and a Japanese Marathon runner are old child hood friends that grow to resent each other after a tragic event. They both end up in the Imperial Army taking on the chinese and the Soviets In the destroyed cities of China. Theres Lots of blood, lots of intensity, and you will be on the edge of your seat just amazed by the horrors of seeing how a army that uses suicide bombers fight their wars(The reason we nuked the Japs was because they didn't believe and/or were to scared to retreat. or surrender, they thought suicide or harry carrey was an honorable death, so the only way to stop the war was to destroy them with hell fire. It was fucked up but it was either more United States Soldiers dying or a fuck ton of japanese dieng). Now i know no one likes subtitles but there is so much griity action and visual intensity that the talking scenens are not bad at all. They have short conversations and give you a lot of time to read only 4 or 5 words at a time so you arent watching the entire movie thru the bottom of the screen. The best part is that this is a true story, it really allows you to apperciate what is going on because you know that it actually happened and the people who live and the people who die really did have one or the other happen. it makes me feel more connected to the characters. If you have seen it lets discuss it and if you want to see it message me and i'll find a way for you to watch it even if it means mailing my copy to you in the mail(just promise to return it)
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