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Here it goes - First one.

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So here's it goes... my first blog.

I don't know if many of you guys who play GG have noticed, but i've been really quiet in-game recently (staying off the mic, not spamming on chat). Yea I'll rant about how i'll beat your dick off if you knife me, blah blah, but not like I use to. And that's due to recent events that has happened in my life, and before around this time of year.

Last week, a friend of mine died in a car crash. She was young, '88 child, bright girl who had a future waiting for her. It was shocking to me because I just saw her weeks before, and saw her posting photo's on facebook hours before she crashed... Anywho, around this time of year, i tend to get quiet, and really ponder upon life. Back in '07, another one of my friend from high school suffered depression and jumped off the Bay bridge to her death..

Although this blog may seem depressing, i assure you it's not what i'm going for.

I really don't know how blogs really work, as i do not make blogs for my work, i have supermedia/yellowpages SEO/promo pages doing that for me, but i see it a lot here and there. But i guess i am reaching out to IBIS, because deep down, I care about you all. I never met a single one of you, except the fuckers I work with; but still, it feels like a family here.

So if anyone is going through hard times, needs someone to talk to, or just rant about random shit, contact me. PM me, add me on Steam friends, email me ([email protected]) i'm all open ears. It's better to let shit out, than to keep it bottle'd up inside. Like i already told some of the community members, even though I dont know you, ya'll are friends to me, and some, even family.
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  1. XX0wnsXY's Avatar
    hey phil. it is a hard time of year for me too. my older brother was shot and killed on xmas eve 7 years ago, and it never gets any easier. time makes it bareable, but not forgetable.
  2. Steamer's Avatar
    That sucks man. I'll buy you a beer soon.
  3. SCRIBBLE's Avatar
    Hey buddy same goes for you as I am sure everyone here would offer as well. I always have an ear to lend or a shoulder to lean on. Tragedy can leave a lasting scar despite all wounds healing.
  4. Lily's Avatar
    <3 ya phil
  5. euronews's Avatar
    youre a great person phil, losing someone is hard and unforgettable no matter how hard you try.
  6. Gabotas's Avatar
    Wow... I just read this... and I know it is against the rules to revive past posts -specially after 1 year- but just wanted to say that I feel this server home sometimes, specially on those hard days when no one seems to understand sh** about you and u had a shitty day and all u want is get home and wait for it to finish. In those moments I start playing for a while and start feeling better, can go to bed and sleep and make the next day a better day, so thanks for that, specially to all regular people I get to see here and can say hello to. =)
  7. rawrr's Avatar
    Always here for you mom! <3