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Technical difficulties on my end.

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I won't be able to play CSS for a couple of day's, my steam account its glitched at the moment for CSS.
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  1. What's Avatar
    Try unplugging it and plugging it back in
  2. Fang's Avatar
  3. brett friggin favre's Avatar
    Did you check your printer cables?
  4. Fang's Avatar
  5. phil.'s Avatar
    You might want to close your closet door for better internet connection.
  6. What's Avatar
    Way to run the joke into the ground Phil......
  7. brett friggin favre's Avatar
    sorry What, he didn't realize you were offended by closet jokes.'re in the closet...and stuff
  8. What's Avatar
    Technically that was a joke about internets and not closets.
  9. Fang's Avatar