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Hi guys, i just got ban from the zombie server and i was wondering why?

i know that they were talking about people knifing zombies to the end in sorrento. Since i was staying at the beginning on the roof with a scot, i saw people doing it but all i was doing it shooting the zombie coming up the grass ladder or the one that would stay on the roof so that they could get shot to the end of the map, i would shot there foot so that they would just fall off the roof. right before i got ban i did shot a zombie in the foot who got launch a bit far and used is parachute to get really close to the ending of the map. That was a accident since i was among for the foot. Even thought i did send him there it was the first time during the map. So i dont think my ban is fair. yes there were talking about people doing it every round but man i did it one time by accident... I have been playing on Ibis since i started playing CSS again, it would suck to get ban fort stupid things...
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  1. phil.'s Avatar
    Post in the unban section pal.
  2. freemason's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by phil.
    Post in the unban section pal.
    sorry :P just join, were would that be exactly ?