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Jim Beam

Admin Abuse

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In general I am seeing this way to much, and entire server RTV's the map and an admin cancels the vote and blocks RTVing so everyone has to play the map.
When this happens people leave the servers and they die. Can this please stop.
Thank you ,
** Jim Beam **
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  1. StrongfieldtheGerman's Avatar
    Nu it cant cunt
  2. Lambo1755's Avatar
    Yeah people like -=|2icochet=-<ibis> should never gets admin cancel a rtv bc he wants to play a map when the entire server wants to rtv! And get kick and Banned bc you tell him its was wrong!
  3. Rosie's Avatar
    Yeah Rico is Clan, and he wins this argument.
  4. StrongfieldtheGerman's Avatar
    Senior admins can cancel rtv vote. stahp cry or i use ma gunz