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Admin Abuse

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I already posted a blog about the admin abuse i don't have a screen shot or a record, all i have is on the ban list and what happened. I was playing Z Mod we were on doom escape all my friends were there, Steamer aka Admin on the other hand i don't be leave is admin cuz he didn't have the tag and i be leave you cant mute admins, anyways Steamer on the other hand was mic spamming like mother f***er, i told him 3 times to stop he didn't so i muted him, he got mad said if you don't un mute me ill call Cyber in and get you banned, so he kept harassing me counting down from 10 then called Cyber in, Cyber said hey xzplizit or w.e your name is did you mute Steamer?? I said yea i did cuz he was mic spamming, he said if you don't un mute him i will ban you, i was like he is un muted he was only muted for that map, he was like well he says he is still muted, so i go to my admin command list check to see if he is muted and there was no players selected and so i told him that, Then boom he banned me. That right there is admin abuse especially if you have to call admin in to ban an admin.


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    You warned no one. I allways stop when asked. Pull demo. Wrong section. Read rules and ToS.
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    Demos are recorded 24/7. You would know this if you read the rules and ToS.