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"*X_zplizit* I*B*I*S.A" AKA Xzplizit Admin Abuse

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First off you dont know me, second u just pop on cuz some admin that claims hes admin saying hes muted for no reason he was mic spamming, admin abuse right there after telling him to stop he didnt so he calls you up then you ban me for muting him last map you dont have the power to do that, that is admin abuse right there besides your never on this server so mind your business this is my server.
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  1. What's Avatar
    Your picture looks like you got a runny nose.
  2. SCRIBBLE's Avatar
    Adds extra flavor to his tasty snacks.
  3. Steamer's Avatar
    Want another week? You are by far the dumbest person to type around here in quite a bit.
  4. Steamer's Avatar
    BTW, read ToS of rules yet?