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I am posting this up for Steamer as an admin abuser. Steamer had recently un banned me yesterday, today i was having fun all day untill Steamer came online in ibis Zmod at about 11:00 pm, he hops on spectate for about 5 mins spectating 25 of us? I log off for a sec to take out the trash i log back on ibis Zmod he banned me for a Month NO REASON!!?? Steamer if i could i would virtually beat the fuck out you, not only cuz i payed money for admin twice but because ur wasting my time with this blog im posting, also my friends are wondering the same exact thing hmmm????


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  1. What's Avatar
    better question, why in the hell do you keep making blogs?
  2. phil.'s Avatar
    You are an idiot.
  3. Steamer's Avatar
  4. Xzplizit's Avatar
    You didn't warn me about anything u hop on and ban me for no reason, also no reason was explained on the ban list, besides u took my old in game name copied and pasted that bitch into the ban list.
  5. Xzplizit's Avatar
    Thats easy for you to say. you have no reason.
  6. Xzplizit's Avatar
    So everyone is notified but obviously its just u 3 looking at my blogs so y the hell do u keep looking if ur just gonna comment some dumb shit?
  7. phil.'s Avatar
    You were banned for admin abuse. Perhaps maybe you use to play with paint chips as a child?
  8. Steamer's Avatar
    You need to act like an adult. You seem to have the mental capacity of a child that can't see what is wrong. You also exhibit some extreme bi-polar disorder teetering on psychopathic symptoms. Or... You're just mentally handicapped. You read my pm, deal with it.
  9. What's Avatar
    Why you so Blog?
  10. Xzplizit's Avatar
    Stop bloging about me and disorders, u have no right to say anything about me that way, what you did what was wrong and thats childs play. Im over it now, but if u want to keep posting stupid shit on my blogs go right ahead, its not hurting me none i have all day everyday :)
  11. What's Avatar
    I'm guessing english is not your first language, which may explain why you seem like an imbecile.
  12. Steamer's Avatar
  13. Xzplizit's Avatar
    Im guessing you were dropped on your head a few times as a baby. You seem a little autistic no???:headache:
  14. Steamer's Avatar
    Everyone in ZM is autistic.
    Oh ye of little knowledge.
    Do you even want to stay here?
    There is one person above me and that is Zero, the community owner. He is the guy I myself asked NOT to ban you. You don't quite understand the severity of your own situation. I'm sitting here giving you the benefit of the doubt, others want you gone for your empty threats. You either have the mental capacity of a child or seriously have a horrible understanding of the English language. You don't know me son, and I highly doubt you would want to go that route.
    Updated 10-18-2015 at 06:24 PM by Steamer
  15. Xzplizit's Avatar
    Check this out, I don't care what u have to say, u wanna keep posting stupid shit on my blogs go ahead it's ur fault this all happend in the first place u got me amped up and that's exactly how this turnd out to be, so if u wanna keep herassing me go ahead it don't bother me I'll have something to say to it, u didnt want me banned but u banned me for a month then zero unbanned me cuz I was sorry and read tos, ur never on zm in the first place all u do is show up and ban players u don't like that's u, im not ur son im no ones son, and quit with the threats. :chillpill:
  16. Steamer's Avatar
    You clearly don't understand I'm the only reason you are still here or the rules. I'll show you one more time you're to stfu and sit down.
    Updated 10-18-2015 at 08:27 PM by Steamer (It)
  17. Xzplizit's Avatar
    Oh, Hell no.
  18. What's Avatar
    Blogs, how do they work?
  19. SCRIBBLE's Avatar
    You have to be someone's son, that is a fact of life.
  20. What's Avatar
    Don't force him into your gender norms scribble there is no pattern to begin with.
    Updated 10-21-2015 at 05:19 PM by Xzplizit
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