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To Steamer

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I am posting this up for Steamer as an admin abuser. Steamer had recently un banned me yesterday, today i was having fun all day untill Steamer came online in ibis Zmod at about 11:00 pm, he hops on spectate for about 5 mins spectating 25 of us? I log off for a sec to take out the trash i log back on ibis Zmod he banned me for a Month NO REASON!!?? Steamer if i could i would virtually beat the fuck out you, not only cuz i payed money for admin twice but because ur wasting my time with this blog im posting, also my friends are wondering the same exact thing hmmm????


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  1. phil.'s Avatar
    This is a cute blog but in reality it dose not compare to my blogs.
    Updated 10-26-2015 at 07:54 PM by Xzplizit
  2. StrongfieldtheGerman's Avatar
    yes it is and who edited my comment omg
    Updated 10-27-2015 at 11:50 AM by StrongfieldtheGerman
  3. Steamer's Avatar
    People can see when you edit and update others blog post.... This is against forum rules. You clearly have a hard time learning or understanding rules.
  4. Xzplizit's Avatar
    First of all its my blog my profile ill do w.e the fuck i want on my profile and in life i don't give a fuck what you think.
    Updated 10-27-2015 at 05:01 AM by Xzplizit
  5. Xzplizit's Avatar
    And if you keep harassing me ill let you know im a kid with a lot of power and tactics that could end your career in gaming history. So go ahead and ban me for telling you the truth IBIS is dead anyways fuck admin here and fuck you too.
  6. phil.'s Avatar
    I didn't know these blogs dose not compare to your other dose blogs
  7. What's Avatar
    You're cuter than this blog phil
  8. Steamer's Avatar
    So much anger.
  9. StrongfieldtheGerman's Avatar
    drink a beer
  10. Steamer's Avatar
    I come back here now and then for a lol.
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