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Chris Pineson

Ranger And Scion Build | Choose The Best Class Builds In Path Of Exile (PoE) 3.14

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The last post about the best classes builds in Path of Exile - Duelist and Marauder version is quite popular among massive Path of Exile gamers. And that made me feel that I need to share more information about that in Path of Exile with you guys. And based on that thought, here are some other best classes builds in the Path of Exile Ultimatum that gamers should follow. And I even could guarantee that these are the best classes builds you should know about, particularly for those PoE gamers, now here comes the question, do you really want to get Path of Exile currency with no purchasing or farming in this latest expansion, if you do, well, that means you really need to get to know these builds as soon as possible. Then you can easily notice that purchasing currency in Path of Exile online would never be a problem that bothers you, because you do not have to do that, just like buying or farming since you have already known this game more deeply than most gamers do.

Of course, if you would love to contribute a build that you probably feel would trump any of these builds that I discuss, then just feel free to comment sourcing it and we, well, will very glad to test it out to see if we agree your thought or not! As you could easily notice that full credit goes out to all of the creators of these fine and useful guides, we are over here to solely point you just in the direction of our favorite ones! And as you can see that full links to the creators and resources would be added just in each respective section. Just follow them and then you can get what you want.

The Very First One Is: The Best Path of Exile Ranger Build:

Well, making another appearance on our list of best Path of Exile class builds is Navandis. And this time, presenting his incredibly well-thought-out Elemental Hit Raider build. Once again, if you have any questions just in regards to that build, well, just head on over to his Discord Server or you even catch one of his Twitch Streams and then get yourself to dive into his fantastically helpful community! This guide was a quite clear favorite of mine as a gamer that personally adopted this build all by myself, making this a no-brainer in just taking the top spot of Best Path Of Exile Ranger Build!

If you feel like that you have a much better guide, and that guide could trump this one as the best Path of Exile Ranger build, well, you could reach out to us just via our Discord, and then we will assess your submission to check if we agree with your view or not.

The Second One Is: The Best Path of Exile Scion Build:

The best Path of Exile Scion build for 3.14 that I could find was uploaded by Esoro. This guide goes crazily in-depth into nearly every single dynamic of that class, from the build to the playstyle, he has it all covered. And if you found his guide helpful in any way, well, he has a Patreon set up just in order to help support him, letting him make more in-depth SOE guides just like this one.

Just like I repeated above, if you feel like you have a much better guide, and could trump this as the best Path of Exile Scion build, just get in touch with us via our Discord, and then we will assess your submission to check if we agree or not!

Another video of Scion Build is here, click it now!