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How to get all three new mounts to FFXIV 5.55

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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.55 introduces three new mounts for players to add to their collections. Two of these are a real challenge and the third is just a consolation prize as it is nowhere near as awesome as the others.

The three new mounts are Al-iklil, Magicked Card, and Deinonychus, and if you've been wondering where the new two-player mount is, then Al-iklil is for you. The other two are single mounts, and the requirement to get the Magicked Card is one of the biggest grinds in the game.

FFXIV 5.55 Mount: How to Get Al-iklil
This is the big focus mount for this patch for good reason as there is a serious shortage of mounts for two or more people. The fact that this looks cool helps.

However, actually getting Al-iklil is a difficult task. You must acquire every field note in Bozja and its areas by the age of 50. You get these by participating in major skirmishes and duels, completing all quests, and completing Castrum, Delubrium, and Dalriada.

Needless to say, getting Al-iklil is a tedious endeavor, but those following their Shadowbringer relic research and working on content on Bozjan's southern front should be able to get it without getting too far to remove from certain opportunities.

FFXIV 5.55 Mount: How to Get Magic Cards
The second mount introduced in patch 5.55 is the Magicked Card, the first real carrot at the end of the Triple Triad Stock.

The enchanted card is a reward from the quest "The adventurer with all cards", which can be found in the (x5.0, y6.7) gold disc. The trick with this quest is that it is only available once you have collected cards from 1 to 312. That's a lot of cards!

Getting a Triple Triad card from an NPC can sometimes take too long, which means getting this mount will be a serious and long investment. Best save this for triple triad enthusiasts.

FFXIV 5.55 Mount: How to Get a Dreadclaw
This is the least fun of the three mounts in this patch, and honestly, I've been wondering since the old days of the Rebirth Empire when these monsters would be added as mounts. Why it took so long to make these striped birds of prey (?) I don't know what the mounts look like, but I'm not going to complain.

Deinonychus could be looted from the last crate of Zadnor's Dalriada, and while very nondescript it was very expensive, as was the antelope cattle and antelope deer mounts recently added to firmament fetuses.

The main difference between this thing and the antelope we mentioned earlier is that this goofy looking mount has very small wings.

This is one of the tradable mounts in the set, which means you can pick one up on the market board if you really want it, but at the time of writing it's so overpriced that it's really not worth it. Would you spend 11 million gil in ffxiv on a dreadnought? Obviously, most people wouldn't either, as only three have been sold on the Marketplace board on my server since the patch was released.

Of the three mounts in this patch, Al-iklil is hands down the coolest, and the effort it takes to get it shouldn't be too great for those who actually take the time to upgrade their relic weapons. The Magicked Card is nice, and the purple card would definitely be better, but it's time to give some kind of motivation to Triple Triad collectors.

This is the case with the FFXIV 5.55 mount - hey! Triple Triad Patches are more than we usually get. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other FFXIV guides on SSEGold.