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Regarding: Slap @All

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Recently, I have noticed a number of admins that are abusing some of their powers, and in this post, we're going over one command in particular. You guessed it: sm_slap @all.

No matter what IBIS Server you play on, this issue has been seen in all of them at one point or another. We are now taking measures to prevent this problem from getting worse.

Bottom line: No admin is to have a key bound to sm_slap @all.

The abuse of this command (after round, before a map change, etc...) results in increased lag, instability, and most importantly of all: has resulted in the servers crashing (particularly on ZM and GG).

This is completely unacceptable!

From this point on, Upper Level Admins will pursue any admin that puts his or her own entertainment before the welfare of this Community. The point in not having that ability bound to a key is so that it doesn't get overused. Does using "!slap @all" a few times break the server? No. In moderation, admin commands (such as slap) work well and there is no problem with that. It is not being said to avoid using such commands completely, rather to avoid overusing them.

What I am saying is this: please be more judicious in your use of admin powers. It is vital that those who read this post take it seriously.

Beware, that if your misuse of admin results in a server crash, there will be consequences. It all depends on your attitude. Do you accept that you made a mistake and do everything within your power to move past it, or do you resist our efforts to clean up the servers? Resistance is futile.

Sometimes there is a surprising lack of common sense, among admins both new and old. I promise you that it is best for an admin, who has made an error in judgment, to step forward and be upfront about it. Own your mistakes, and we'll get through it. Please do not be hostile or uncooperative towards the Upper Level Admins; they are working to deal with these problems. Remember, I am here for you, and I have cake.

We serve to help you improve your ability to administrate fairly, and in a way that keeps the spirit of fun in the servers while you play. If you have any questions whatsoever, or you need help with something, do not hesitate to contact one of us. Seriously, it's important to the position we hold that admins get better, and learn how to use their abilities correctly. Don't worry, we don't bite. Okay, I lied, we bite.

So, in conclusion: do not spam commands like slap all, because you'll be hearing from us, and I think we'd both rather avoid that. Let's work together to make this community better, and the servers more enjoyable for everyone, both regular and new player alike.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this post. It really is for your benefit. We cannot remain in ignorance about the things we need to do, that we may better this Community.

Please take this message to heart. It is a warning against bad behavior that we've seen, and will not put up with it any longer.


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