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Why Egypt is awesome.

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I've been following Egypt closely with special interest since I have a family member who lives there. Since day one of the protest I was a little concerned with the fact that we might have drawn troops to control a sleeping giant that would grow into an all out civil war. Don't get me wrong, the Middle East will never be a peaceful place as long as religion is a base for their government issues. This is why I always stress separate church and state. Separate your personal beliefs from government decisions. Yeah the excuses are "it's hard!" It really isn't. Critical thinking lacks from morality though.

Egypt is one of few Middle Eastern countries with a Christian population mixed with Muslims. This whole protest to overthrow a man who was stubborn and oppressive in every way shows what people can do if they ignore their personal vindications and use people who grew tired of oppression and use that strength to overtake their oppression.

It took some jibber jabber from the U.S. as always... because Egypt has always looked at the U.S. as a big brother who watches them. However most of us here almost expected us to go there with troops and make a mockery of what happened in Iraq... minus the WMD's. It might be comparing apples to oranges, but honestly it really isn't when you take away the WMD's. Iraq has always had the same issues that Egypt had between the differences of secular of the Muslim religion. Except Egyptians had the balls to take a stand. The people of Iraq just waited... and waited... and waited. For us to come and stick our feet in and fix their broken government issues that will always be corrupt.

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  1. ZERO's Avatar
    Except that unlike post dictator Iraq post dictator Egypt may end up being nothing more than a puppet for our enemies. When you look at the groups that are behind this it does not exactly give warm fuzzy feelings of lasting regional stability. It would be like if Iran invaded Iraq instead of us and set up a democracy there and "freed" the people. Now I do not think that it would be the same sort of freedom that we have bought Iraq.
  2. DJ_MikeyRevile's Avatar
    The "situation" in egypt isnt really a "situation" at all. Its more like a shred of light over in that part of the world. Surrounding countries are seeing how there non violent social revolution has helped them... it may just be that spark these countries needed all along. Take a look at all the other movments starting now in the surrounding countries. all very positive movements.

    all america has done was pussy foot around the egypt revolution.... we havnt done anything. Thats what separates this vs iraq.
    Egypt surprisingly is using facebook to its advantage lol.

    lol i had to write a 5 page essay on this egypt stuff.. ask and i shall share.
  3. ZERO's Avatar
    I would not say we did not do anything b/c if you actually look into it the US has their hands all over this one. In fact it sends a worrying message to our allies.
  4. DJ_MikeyRevile's Avatar
    This is why obama when recently asked beat around the bush regarding this subject. This revolution had nothing to do with our "goverment." Maybe the idea of our goverment, or the help of people within our country, i.e. the protesters use of facebook.
  5. ZERO's Avatar
    Maybe do some research and you will see what I mean. This was supported by the usgov from back channels. There are even leaked data on winkileeks that point to us invlovement dating back years.
  6. ZERO's Avatar
    Now if this report is true: that the block was preplanned then one would assume that the involvement of people like this was pre planned.

    Now why would the Egypt gov preplan to block those sites well b/c they read the leaked reports and logically have their own spies.
  7. DJ_MikeyRevile's Avatar
    Wiki leaks is a source i cant use unfortunately. Though its made public, id be breaking a very hefty law by reading top secret and confidential information with out the proper security clearance. I do agree with you on most of what your saying though. It makes complete sense to assume that America has been present in Egypt, just as they have been in several other countries across the globe.
    I do however find it hard to believe after my research that America is the backbone for the Egyptian peoples social movement. If they were and people knew about it im sure it would discredit the Egyptian peoples efforts to start a revolution reasonably and non violently. After reading several articles it seems pretty clear that Egypt is being funded by other groups of people and outlying neighbors and as silly as it sounds this Egyptian movement has sparked protests here in America as well. For example Wisconsin. Here is an article i recently had to read for my Poly sci class.
  8. ZERO's Avatar
    Actually both of the protests were sparked by the same groups one did not spark the other they were just simply from the same brimstone.

    Here is a doc to check out from the CIA:

    You can see how quick some of these groups were to jump on the wagon, as if they were already on the wagon when it started... I am not going to take the time to fine all the links to all the data but some examples:

    I do not know of your ability to get news where you are but you may want to try to see the old glen beck coverage of this event. While sometimes what he says can be out there he being up a lot of information that was totally ignored by the rest of the press mainly b/c it was not as cool looking I suppose. However the data he brings is from these organizations own words and websites. You can look up and see how they are allied.

    As for political sci classes when I had mine we were asked if we though there was going to be anything major in our generation, a year ago or so. I said that we are at the beginning of one of the most important times in mans history. The internal and external threats that face our nation have never been greater and more misunderstood. I also said that if we survive this it will be groups like the tea party and other limited government groups that rise during this time that showed the way to a better future.

    The response was basically yea like the tea party is going to do something... oh what was the election results. As for the rest where is the world now verses then.
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