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What IF?

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what If?
1.the UFC revive the Pride FC brand? the ring, the ground stomping, the ref w/ camera, the grand prix.
i was a big fan of pride and i do believe most of the exciting fights in mma happened in pridefc and reviving it,that could be amazing.
2.the UFC or other major organization bought K-1, great striking skills will be displayed, amazing knock outs/ fights.
in every mma fight i'm always blown away by great strikers such as thiago alves, mirko crocop, pat barry etc. and to see K1/kickboxing on a more bigger platform and a more stable company would be good for the fight fans who doesnt love to see kicks the ended fights? or knees flying elbows landing?
hmmm maybe if the strikeforce showtime negotiation turns sour....
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