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  1. DJ_MikeyRevile's Avatar
    because the little piggy cried weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the way home.
  2. ZERO's Avatar
    It has to do with the fat content of the meet. This is why higher fat bacon usually tastes better.
  3. bacon's Avatar
    mmmhh lard
  4. Steamer's Avatar
    Cause it just is.
  5. StarsMine's Avatar
    fat is where the flavor is
  6. toma's Avatar
  7. Me Haha's Avatar
    Because it's BACON!!!!!!!!!
  8. Stealthsniper's Avatar
    bacon is ftw
  9. superbatranger's Avatar
    omg baaaacon
  10. elpolloloco's Avatar
    Bacon is proof that God hates Jews and Muslims
  11. elpolloloco's Avatar
    just kidding. my best friends are jews and muslims

    actually I'm kidding about that too
  12. BaconIsMeatcandy(jewish)'s Avatar
    I swar I didn't post this :3