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To be able to use the Stats and STEAM Integration features of these forums you must enter your STEAM-ID into your profile. To do this simply go: user cp -> Edit Your Details and enter your STEAM-ID in the box provided. If you entered it correctly your server rank will now show up in the member list and your steam page will show up when used. For more information or for help on what a STEAM-ID is go to the STEAM-ID page on the faq.


Your STEAM-ID is an ID that uniquely identifies you on STEAM. It is used by stats programs to track your rank and by STEAM to store your STEAM profile. To find out your steam ID# type status in the ingameconsole and it will be listed next to your name. This is what will show up within the ingameconsole: # 727 "some 1337 player" STEAM_x:x:xxxxxx 01:05 112 0 active What you want to do is to copy the STEAM_x:x:xxxxxx part. Remember that the format is very important and you must have the STEAM_ You can also find your STEAM-ID on your stats profile page on the left pain about half way down the page under a section called Player Steamids. You can find your profile page by searching your player name in the stats.

How to Use

Using the Stats and STEAM Integration is easy! Viewable on every post and on the members list is 2 major things, the users rank and a link to their STEAM profile. If you mouse over the users rank you can view quick stats about the user on that server. Additionally you can click on a users rank image to view their full stats profile. To use the STEAM integration just click the users STEAM icon. A window will pop up giving you options to send the user messages or add them to your friends list. In addition you can view their full STEAM profile page. Note that some features may require you to have STEAM running and or already have the user in your friends list.

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