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  1. Cujo
    This group was started for all those players who arn't dumb-asses. This group will wear [IBIS-GS] in front of their names..If a player has this tag on....you know they can kick ass on ZM.
    We are in no part IBIS clan members We will rep IBIS reg's . This means don't be a fucking dick !!
    Now go out there and Get Some !!!!
  2. Vladninja
    I must admit it wil be sad losing my old school time rank tag <IBIS31337>...
    but this new team is great ... I dont know any other group of people I would trust to cover my back!
    I look forward to seeing you guys in game...
    Its noob ass kicking time again...
  3. Afroman
    Get some bitches
  4. Squalus
    Swallow it and STFU!
  5. walterbrunswick
    this means I have to give up my 'Chainsaw' tag! :/ FEEL THE PAIN!
  6. ZERO
    Hey guys I made a post in the clan section to make the creation of these groups ok. This way there is no confusion. Now lets hope these noobs do not break our cades!

    PS: FYI if you do not want your name showing up twice place select an avatar. I have a ton on the forums there is no reason not to use one. All you do is go to the avatar tab on your profile and you can select one or upload your own.
  7. Cujo
    Thanks for letting this happen Zero.. We'll make you proud \m/
  8. Cujo
    Also ..if I missed anyone..or you guys think of someone put their names down here..BTW I invited Polly..she just hasn't been on
  9. Satansof2
    yo, thanks for the invite

    btw squal im still laughing at that, i think i might go look for that sound file...
  10. ZERO
    Ok, here is the deal. You guys can have ibis in the group name on the forums but you can not have IBIS in your names ingame. Now while I am sure that you and all future members of these groups will try to behave I can not allow the use of IBIS to go unregulated. Everyone in the forums understands that this is simply a group of ibis fans that are friends, but players on the server are not as knowledgeable. Also anyone that has the IBIS tag is an ambassador of IBIS, they represent IBIS. Admins for example can have powers taken away if they tarnish our name. But what of a "fan" of ibis. How is he punished -banning; this seems rather harsh as an instant response. Especially so when the fact that there is no overall system of regulation for this and future groups other than friendship. In other words because the actions and operations of this and other groups are not official representatives of ibis nor are they controlled by any direct authority or system with the authority of ibis, ibis can not be used in any tags ingame assuming that such tags exist anyway.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    ZERO <ibis>
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