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    hey so it looks like the NS2 server isn't allowing some people to connect to it, including myself.
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    Hey Z, hows it going!? How feasible do you think it is to have our own 7 days to die server?
    We could have a community base for the people who start new (if many days have passed already) where they can level up in there with the help of other players, similarly to how wcs used to force newcomers to rely on assistance and items they pick up, or they can then wander in the wild and do wtvr they want. It can be pvp or pve only depending on how much grievances happen. TOS would still apply in terms of grieving and team killing and just being a total cunt. but i could find this like ZM mode meets gg meets wcs, but harder.... Thoughts on how much it would cost to have or maintain or populate?

    Reason why i suggest 7 days it's because the servers we have are population-reliant, if there arent players on, u cant ZM GG or wcs (obviously... it's dead).. but in 7days, one player CAN just join and play if there arent any other players on, and effectively drag more ppl to join them
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    Been doin' just fine Z. I'm always on Steam you know. Happy New Years!
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    oh and fyi, the text box (wisywig?) would actually flash white sometimes right after it stops freezing. thought i'd let you know in case it mattered
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    Yeah my sig keeps "everything" at 100% uptime :P
    No but seriously, I'll try to keep an eye out and maybe next time I can check all google processes to see what's cooking.
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    if you have hoverzoom like myself, please open the link in a separate page because it's 3 images in a row (album).
    There was a HUGE delay in typing, like 8-14 characters behind the keypresses i was making, even with only ONE ibis tab open...
    I think WE are noticing the memory leak build up in mafia games more often because we spend AT LEAST 8 minutes page page reading and analysing retards and their posts... as opposed to the other casual people that open a page and post withing 3 minutes.
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    Actually zero i AM using 10 posts per page only because I was having this leak for a long time ..
    So it just happened to me now, ALSO in a mafia game, and it happened when I opened 2 ibis forums tabs (needed to write smthn in mafia game but needed to check first post to see list of players in the game posted there.). THIS is what happened for 5 minutes. Here are the first 3 minutes of it.
    I think it's the wysiwig pluging conflicting or internally crashing. I had that happen to me when developing a site before. It's basically restarting on an infinite loop until you force it to stop.
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    Under 'General Options' in your settings, if you scroll down to 'Thread Display Options' it gives you the option to view up to 40 posts per page (I use 40 because it makes navigating mafia games easier) - it could be that that's the root of the problem so if need be I suppose I can live with the forum default settings. I wanted to bring up the issue at some point so I was pleasantly surprised with Cyber did it before I could.

    Hopefully changing the number of posts fixes the leaks.
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    Yes, the memory leak is massive. (Also using Chrome)
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    Hey. Currently I use chrome on the latest stable build (will check version later). OS doesn't matter bcos this happens on all 5 of my computer AND my nexus 6p which also uses chrome now that I think about it.

    I will take a look at which pages exactly but I can tell you that the current mafia game (watch tower) has caused this recently as well, on page 12 when I was loading at 20 posts per page.
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