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Thread: Hacker? Opinion?

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    Ibis has got some people who are pretty skilled at spotting hackers through demo's. Well i was on a server and saw this guy who i had not suspected before of hacking, but this time he was fishy. I was put onto his case because i came around a wall a few times and he was waiting crouched for a head shot. I put on the auto spec follow because i have admin on that server and demo'ed him. Can you guys give me your opinions of the demo cuz im kinda iffy. Its a GG and the map is churches, which is a pretty popular map. Any opinions either hacks or not would be great. Personally i suspect wall hacks. The player left the server once he had won the game.

    ... but now it wont fucking upload because it says there is a security problem. Its not my fault because i tried uploading another demo after it wouldnt work and that one actually did it. So someone tell me whats wrong with this fucking thing so i can get your opinions! I tried uploading it from both my Cstrike folder and my desktop, neither works. Advice?

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    It wouldn't let me upload a couple demos that I made either. Trying converting them into .rar format... That worked for me
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    It needs to be .dem doesnt it for people to view it over CSS? Ill try again tomorrow, but i doubt anything will change. Im pissed.

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    Well you can just zip it into a .rar file and then people can unzip it back into a dem
    A NEW HIGH SCORE! What does "high score" mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?

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    i got a few ideas. If you can view it from in the game, that means their is no error with the file 1st view it to make sure their is no errors. If you get an error that means the demo didn't work and just delete them demo because it will not work. If it is not corrupted, you can always make a new demo or make a youtube vid of it. If that doesn't work just give me the name, and i'll be speccing and watching out for the player.
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    Fuck it. These god damn forums don't work! I got permission to ban the guy anyway just because my judgment. Its not a problem anymore, thanks guys for trying to help me upload this shit.

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    Who was the culprit ?

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    This guy called "A pimp named slickback". He was cool, but there were to many times i came around a corner and he was crouched with his cross hairs on me.

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