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Thread: Sad but true.

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    I noticed that on the bottom of the main page of the forums there is a place where all the IBIS servers are listed. I decided to check out the details on the pub and discovered something quite disturbing -- for the past 30 days the pub has not had more than 15 players on at one time! From being in top 200 our server has fallen down to... past 2000. I am not writing this in order to search for a reason for the decay (the reasons are probably numerous... from the fact that the masses prefer easier, more streamlined and designed for medicority, modes of play -- such as gungame and zombie; to dual's diligent attempt to screw with everybody on the server at its most fragile point -- just take a look at the maps he has played and the weapons he has used ). What I would like to see is a decision from all the members of this community -- is anybody going to be playing on the fucking pub, or are we done with it? The efforts of one person to revive the server are futile, so it is a task in which either everybody or nobody participates. I am not going to join anymore until I see some desire in the members of this community to turn the fate of the pub around.

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    Well the other day I was just about to play until you left. I am willing to play but its like a contagious disease. It remains to stay empty until someone sacrifices to remain idol in the pub until people enter.

    Maybe we can all call a time on meeting at the pub and hopefully everyone will join. I know this may sound stupid but I think more slots is needed too. Also i have seen other mods in other pubs that attract players to the server.

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    I am actually all for the idea of setting a time when we can fill up the server. If nothing else at least we can get a taste of what fun playing there used to be! And please explain what the mods are, Zero has been very open to new suggestions (thank you, Zero).

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    dang and i thought the zombie server was doing badly for not reaching full server o.O
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    I read people's post purely for amusement I find people's frustration and failure quite funny... after all it's all just a game... you'll die early if you take it too seriously. ^^

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    You also have to keep in mind that it is both football season and the end of the semester for college kids. I haven't had any free time whatsoever between projects and finals. I'm not going to be playin much when i'm not leaving school until 3 am. I'm sure a lot of other people are in the same boat. I think it'll turn around after the holidays...

    But I'm up for setting a time and all that shit
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    Hodgie please keep in mind that I have played on this server for years (from before it switched from 32 to 21 ppl) and have not seen it so empty, ever, despite what season it was.

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    well i love to play in the pub more, but face it. people are into newer games, that come out and css is coming to it's 4th or 5th year since release. I personally think if ibis advertise more their can be more attraction to the pub server. Plus like hodgie's point, alot of sports and school right now. And in the depression that america is about to enter, we will probably be losing more people in the server. Not to mention overall in the game. I will join the pub if any message me when im on.
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    its no depession for me! I love these prices dropping! I personally am probably going to be too busy until mid january to play organized like you guys are planning.

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    Keep my name out your mouth, and go back to mother russia you idiot!

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    I will update the admin map list as well to ensure that only maps that attract players are used. Part of this too is the release of l4d and a lot of people are playing those games. If you look at the gg server for example you will see that it has been minimally effected by external conditions in relation to the pub and zm server.

    As for zm:mod in the summer I am planing on creating an initiative to develop a new sm based zombie mod that offers new gaming experience over the current versions available.

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