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Thread: Admin Abuse by Holy Shit

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    So, I work 60 hour work weeks plus have a little girl that I'm raising, so I come to the server to blow off steam. You probably know me mostly as the guy with the disgusting tranny sprays. I play off and on when I can.

    I was a fan of the zombie mod, but abuse by Holy Shit made the server absolutely unbearable to be on at times. Understandably, with the rampant little kids, it probably needed a heavier hand than normal.

    So I stick to the GG server mostly. I took the crap from him the first time on Zombie mod, and now this is getting ridiculous. Any name he does not recognize (I do play under a couple different names, but Ninjitsu is the only one I ever socialize at all with). I understand he's had issues before, and this will not do anything- but I'll pile it on. Not only slaying people, but then threatening them if they disagree with their assessment? Having to listen to him belittle someone, and then when someone says something back, its disrespect?

    Apparently, camping is any time you stop with a gun to take aim. On the ghetto version of churches, rounds which last less than a minute for me, crouching and shooting constitutes camping in his eyes, which is a slayable offense?

    This may not mean much to the regulars, but trying to keep a full server means you don't abuse your power because someone played a smarter game than you and waited 20 seconds in the same direction you run at every game. My butt wasn't in a corner, or hiding, or anything. I was merely waiting for the inevitable attack.

    The specific incident happened at around 8:45 PM EST on the Gun-Game server.

    Now I did take a screenshot, but I cannot for the life of me find it. I've spent a half hour out of my friday night to deal with this, so I'm leaving it at this. Again, I expect nothing will happen, but adding a straw to the camels back so when someone else catches intimidating people he doesn't think will retaliate, this will add some validity to it.

    This is resulting in my lackluster desire to continue playing for now, which is fine. And, previously I praised this server for the general goodness of the admins. Of all the ones I've encountered and spoke with, this seems to be the only bad spot.

    Thank you, and goodnight.

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    Well you say that you came to the servers to blow off steam. How do we know that you were not talking shit?

    Also I hope you know but GAY PORN is not allowed on the server and your tranny pics constitutes of chicks with dicks. Hence gay porn.

    Im not siding with either of you because no one knows the full facts of what happened. But to me this is still a Cop = Holy Shit against a murderist = you

    You have to prove that he did this in order to make something happen. Demo's are also a good idea

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    if you can't find that screenshot open it to paint or word.

    if not you didn't make a print screen.

    Yes i did slay him once cause he was camping spawn numerous of times, and yes i did warn him to not camp spawn. He then went to roof camping with ak's and smg's. He camp the ladder to, so i slay him once and that was it. He then started going off saying some disrespectful and rascist remarks.

    if you wanna be abuse, i''l show ya abuse!!!

    b.t.w when you camp, you can camp but don't stay in 1 spot for to long cause then most admins will slay you without warning.
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    Oh and let your mom know I did receive the invitation she sent for your party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

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    I'd slay anyone if the repeatedly went to the same spot round after round after round. That's camping no matter which way you slice it.

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    I Banned perm for gay porn automatic, so your kinda lucky.

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    Yea, it looks like there as a misunderstanding of the rules. You can see the latest version in the rules section of the forums. Also if you still need help using screen shots let me know and I can help. Otherwise a demo is the best way to show if an admin was abusing so that we can see everything that was going on. The server has instructions on how to record demos if you type !hax in chat.

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