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    i was on today for a few hours and i noticed that all the zombies had full speed i thought someone was hackin but it wasnt as fast as a speed hack. it was about as fast as the xp runs so im guessin that the speed was up all the way for all zombies didnt know how to fix not even sure i could if i tried! i also was kicked from the server 4 times for a few different reasons not sure if it was the server problem cuz no one else said anything about it....if it keeps happening ill let u know but zero if u can look into this asap in logs
    thx peace

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    yeah I noticed this too. Ryan James was playing as a classic on 711 snoopy about an hour or so ago and he was strafiling like a bat out of hell. Im not sure if he was speed hacking or what but one of the admins who was on said something about the zombie speeds being screwed up, it was geforce I think.

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    i was there and yes g4ce did mention something about some dude speed hacking.. btw g4ce how were u kiked? weren't you the only admin on?
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    There are conditions where the zombies can run the same speed such as on escape maps where there is a speed cap, but a slower zombie will never travel faster than a faster one unless it is hacking.

    For example on some escape maps the fast zombie and predator are the same speed as a result of the max speed limitation. This however will not make any other zombies faster it will just make all of them slower than x amount. On any given map no zombie can travel faster than the fast zombie and no zombie should be going faster than a zombie that is normally faster than it. (only the same speed at most)

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    ok there was a classic on snoopie that looked like he was speed hackin but as i looked at a few more (poison) they also seemed to be moveing faster then usual on more than one map. there could have been 2 or more hackers but i assumed that there was something wrong with the server. i had to go so i couldnt investigate to much.

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