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Thread: GG ranks?

  1. Default GG ranks?

    Were the ranks in gg reset or edited? It's showing my previous rank was 72 and my current rank is 4,796. I'm not usually as good as 72, but 4,796?

    I know the ranking isn't perfect and i care a great deal about it. Just curious.

    O and my skill is an even 10000.00... just seems like to exact of a number.
    A NEW HIGH SCORE! What does "high score" mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?

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    Interesting, I have heard of this occurring before. I am planning on resetting those ranks in the next month or so anyways. But I wonder if it is like an overflow or something from the stats not being reset for over a year?

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    I just had mine jump from 55 - 4806, I've finally gotten it back down though

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