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    I dont care if this is in the right format or not. i dont even care if you ban them or not. im just trying to get it out there.

    theres an unconnected hacker in the server with steam id STEAM_0:0:6019281

    His name is unconnected and he has been mic spammin all day.

    I tried following the format, by typing in sb_Status into console. I typed it in and the server crashed, it sayed, client overflow error. So then i rejoin, and the server kept crashing with client overflow, even though i only typed in sb_status once. But, while i rejoined, right before the server crashed again, i saw an admin poser. Dont remember his name cuz it was only for a split second but, it was either me that crashed it "not purposly" or it was that admin poser.

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    disregard the admin poser. He is an admin, but the server is still crashing

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    I came into the server and banned a player and the server kept crashing, I don't know if it was coincidence or not though. Hopefully we have it figured out as this particular players intentions were purely malicious.

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