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Thread: I am sorry I think I know what I did......

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    Default I am sorry I think I know what I did......

    My screen name is OpiĘt and in the last map that we were playing I accidentally nuked the map and killed everyone. I was a poison zombie and jumped up to the end. I never meant to do that and it was a complete accident.

    Now you may ask me how it was an accident but you see I am what you would call a noob I only have had this game a sort while and never made it to the end of that map. When I got on top of the last building I ran down the stairs unaware that was how the map would be nuked I thought that the stairs would just turn into a dead end and I wanted to wait for the humans there and zombie them when they arrived on the helicopter. How I thought that the map would end is that the helicopter had to make it to the end and once it landed it switched on a timer. I never meant to kill anyone or disrespect anyone out of frustration or anger or any thing like that if that is what you may believe. I am very sorry that I did that. I really enjoy this server and the people on it and I try to be as respectful as possible at all times.

    I am sorry for what I did I am just a noob. Do you think I have a chance of ever being unbanned?

  2. Default my opinion...this should not require a ban...but i was not there so i am still backing the admin...but i don t think it s gonna be perma ban....retry later should be ok...must have been a 30 min ban or something....

    Who banned you btw??

    Hey, Everyone was once a noob!!!


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    Pre-nuking definitely deserves at least a 30 minute ban. I usually ban for one day on that violation. I'm pretty sure the ban wasn't for more than one day. If its more than one day then post your steamid and you will be unbanned tomorrow.

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    I have played with him before..and never really had a problem with him.. He knows what he did..he knows it's was wrong, and owned up to it.. plus I think it's only 1/2 hour ban .. I was there when this happend ..(I think).. only cuz I think I was going to do a 30 min ban myself on ya.. but someone beat me to it..
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    omg dude, are you for realz a surgeon and emt? can you sign my chest? get a fuckin room
    truth of the matter is this... cujos hands can jerk me off

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    You accidentally jumped up there and hit the button? LOL

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    there is no button, and i was the one to make the ban.

    the ban is for a day since we warned not to prenuke. it should be gone by now or in like 2 hours.

    someone can go ahead and uban him if they want.

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    Thank you for all of your guy's time taken to reply to me. I appreciate it greatly.

    This shall never happen again nor shall you ever have a reason to ban me ever again. Thank you once again for your time and I will be on soon or later tonight if the ban is lefted and from what I understand it should and once again I am sorry for upsetting so many players that were on at the time. You guys take care.

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    What a nice guy. Lets give him a hug !

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=NYS=- C.O. View Post
    What a nice guy. Lets give him a hug !
    Let s giva a hug to the nice guy that gave a hug to the nice guy!!


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