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Thread: Hacker in ZM Server: Ban Pls

  1. Exclamation Hacker in ZM Server: Ban Pls

    About 30 minutes ago in the ZM server there was a hacker named {-KO-}WTF
    and he was using Aimbot and Speed hacks.

    He had been on the server on the previous map and was blatantly hacking although he denied it. After a few rounds he left and came back on the next map. After reconnecting he changed his name to Emo Boy or something like that before turning the hacks on, I've got it in the demo which lasts for 1 full round, however I forgot to do the sb_status for it, but others in the server, dallas and S.T.A.R.S can vouch that he was hacking.

    here's his steamid: "{-KO-}WTF" STEAM_0:1:718472

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    How do you view demo's ...what program to open it with??
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    you play it using CSS, lauch the game and type playdemo "demoname" in console

    you have to put it in your cstrike folder first

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    a 100% cheater...wallhack and aimbot

    is a realy realy bad cheater...but he is a

    pls ban this stupid sh*t

    PS: i like ur ZM server ... good best greating to IBIS ZM server maker
    sry 4 my bad english...
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