So, work continues on my next computer and the last parts should arrive tomorrow. Yesterday and today I finished installing the waterblocks onto the grafix card. Apparently the card is "difficult" to disassemble and with my luck it was virtually "impossible". Luckily, being one to not allow some stripped screws to screw over my plans; I pretty much rested on the fact there is no way I am going to keep the warranty on this thing and decided to start hacking away. With my trusty hack saw, I went in for the kill and decided that I would simply cut the screw in half! This work was aided by a dremal that I used to open up a space so that I could have an easier time cutting the screws with a "dull" hack saw. After a few hours both screws had been cut in half and I was set to remove the stock air block and install my waterblocks!

They appear to be on correctly but I will half to wait a few weeks before I can know if the card still works and if the cooling system was installed correctly