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  1. Talking Yo

    Some of you know me, some of you don't. They call me Pyramid. I'm generally found on the GG server. I hate the m249, and I like the Famas. Weird. I'm in love with Project. She knows this. Umm....How about them Yankees? Suck right?

    ...Thug Life I suppose.

  2. Default

    Yankees own you in the face. As far as Project, she's taken by Whyt. Oh and um yea......yea.

  3. Default

    yeah nigga. you dont moe on other guy's lawn. you know better then that pyramid. its about time you join the forums.

    oh yeah, and yankees are balls.

  4. Cool

    The whole mowing another person's lawn think makes me think you're talking about shaving her crotch. XD

    I'm just playin', I've got a girl. Even though she's a crazy bitch, she's my crazy bitch! ;D

    And I had no idea you could actually attract a female, whyt! =D

  5. Default

    they dont call me thug nasty for nothin.

  6. Default

    I thought it was because you had herpes! -knee slapper-

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