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    I think i found what ill be using when i upgrade from XP. I found this article about windows 7.

    Does anyone know anything more about it. Also the beta is out tomorrow, so look for that.

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    I got vista, and i probably will download the beta and give it a try.

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    It looks like it will finally be an OS worth the money if they can just fix one problem with the beta. The new task bar is virtually impossible to use, especially for power users and multi takers. Without the old style it is impossible to easily keep track of what program is where. As long as they make the classic mode at least an option then I am down for this OS

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    Why is the task bar confusing? You got a screen shot or something?

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    Seems decent, and sounds like they are heading toward the goal of streamlining Windows that they should have had long ago. Still, I use Windows XP x64 Edition, and it will be hard to get me to convert... x64 Edition is the most solid and reliable version of Windows I have ever used... and I've used all of them since 3.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManBearPig <ibis> View Post
    Why is the task bar confusing? You got a screen shot or something?
    It is like the mac shit

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    I fucking hate mac's.

    P.S. I just now noticed the guy in your signature zero, he has a fucking bluetooth in his ear... lol.

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