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    On the Gun Game server, I was watching myg0t? (STEAM_0:0:6734376) play, and there was very suspicious "hopping" of his crosshair onto targets, and an absurd proportion of headshots. Sorry I used status instead of sb_status, old habits. It seems like a toggled aimbot might be in use at some points.

    The first one, mygot2.dem, was on pacman, it's not mygot til the 2nd round. Note the kills with the dualies and the P228 in particular.

    The second, mygot6.dem, watch how the crosshair locks on the para kills... and the really strange awp misses from high angles.

    Then the third, mygot7.dem, watch the galil, famas, mp5, and tmp kills.

    Sorry these run kinda long, but something just felt wrong so I demo'd a lot. I have some more, but these have some of the stranger shooting issues.
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    They are a cla of hackers that go around causing mayhem on the servers.

    This is a clan that is to be banned on the spot while wearing those tags. No questions and no warnings just ban.

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    This is correct, I will ban when I return to the country

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    He was just back, under the name Skillz that KILLZ!, I almost posted a new thread til I noticed the same steamid. This demo is absolutely no question too. Over the top.

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    hey can you add me to your friends list and message me next time you see him? if im around ill come in and ban him if zero still isn't back. and don't say anything... cause if he leaves im powerless.

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