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Thread: To MBP...

  1. Default To MBP...

    ... and the rest of you Steeler boys... Bring it.

    A NEW HIGH SCORE! What does "high score" mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?

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    Whyt messages me last night sayin "the steelers are going to lose," ahahaha. This wasnt even a game, the only thing the chargers had going into this game was sproles. And against our defense sproles cannot do anything.

    Baltimore was our bitch twice before and they will be our bitch again. But i think that if anyone could beat us it would be the ravens.

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    hey mbp dont bring me into this. i was referring to the ravens who will beat the the steelers. the chargers suck man.

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    I have 500 dollars on the Steelers.

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    Go Browns.

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