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Thread: I need help with a missing maps error.

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    Question I need help with a missing maps error.

    I used to be able to join most servers in counter strike source but now I try to join any and I get a missing maps error.

    It starts to download them but then I get the error.

    I deleted local content and reinstalled CS:S but it didn't help. Does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks.

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    hmm, try doing this.

    Download the maps that you are trying to get on, from fpsbanana or any other site that you can download maps on. Download it, extract it, and put it in your css folder were the maps are located.

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    I did that yesterday for gg_cardhouse_small and it worked but everytime a server changes i get kicked and this problem happens for all servers.

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    I think that you might need to set a cvar in console to allow the server to upload the maps. It is also possible that you have a firewall or other security software that could be causing problems. Try it with all your security off and see if that helps

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    I tried it with all security off and it still does it.

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