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Thread: New Admins need to understand the rules in ZM

  1. Default New Admins need to understand the rules in ZM

    I am sick and god damned tired of these new admins lately coming into the server and taking over and abusing their powers. Admins are there to keep the peace only. It becomes a problem when admins start breaking rules and being obnoxious. I've seen a lot of new admins lately come into the ZM server and do several things that really friggin annoy me. Things like mic spam, change the map without a vote repeatedly and chat spam.

    I'd like to kick these admins as they are violating their terms of server but I know there will be repurcussions.


    I have been told personally by many regulars that they have recently stopped playing in ZM because of the new admins and their abusive ways. They are ruinning the game play!

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    Yeah your pretty much in a no win sitution....only zero has the rights to punish other admins,so just take down their names or demo it , then post it and let zero deal with them.

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    Elmo was slay spamming in zm and although it does not actually kill anyone it does lag and can crash the server, his slay powers have since been removed. Other admins should take note that there powers will be lost if they abuse...

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    So, im gonna start demoing the extremely annoying mic spammin a certain admin mentioned here has been doing. I'd really like to see this type of annoying BS stop!

    An admin is supposed to set an example and many of the younger new ones don't set any example. They pay for admin merely so they can't be muted or otherwise dealt with by admins who care.
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    Start with stapler first, he seems alright but he spams the hell out of the server with music

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    stapler is not an admin. I mute him everytime I am in there because he is spamming. repeatedly spamming the server day after day has to be a bannable offense? temporary at the least.

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    Agreed, recently invited a friend to this zombie server. Then a friend complained to me that its someone from the admin kick for him that he turned into zombies

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    Yea their are alot of new admins and some of them are really stupid and do random pointless shit. They dont even fucking enforce shit. i have to come in the zm when im playing in or pub, or making a map, or doing something on my cpu because the admins that are already on are not doing anything. EAT em' alive richochet.

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    Zero if you have a day, just one day please spend the time in the ZM server under an alias and you will see all the bullshit that they do.
    You can distribute the punishments according to the offense.

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